The sons of Mr. F.'s saviors

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    Czechoslovakia 1945-1989
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This is a picture of the three Pagac brothers. The photo was taken in front of their family home in Podunajske Biskupice. Today this town is part of Bratislava. Standing on the left is the oldest, Karol, in the middle the youngest member of the family, Lacko, and on the right is Tibor.

The Pagac family rented a two-and-a-half-room house. The husband and wife, three sons and an 80-year-old granny lived in one and a half rooms and the kitchen. The second, large room belonged to the owner of the house, and was locked. The lady that owned the house was abroad for an extended period. Mr. Pagac was a jack of all trades. He was a driver, a locksmith, he could repair and manufacture machines. Mrs. Pagacova was a very kind woman. She was from Budapest. The oldest of the sons was named Karol, then there was Tibor, and the youngest was Lacko [Ladislav]. They accepted me as their fourth son, except that no one could know, see, or hear anything about me. This principle became law, and was strictly adhered to. At that time the youngest, Lacko, was only about 3 years old. His words are unforgettable to me. Instead of airplane he used the word angidádo, and his other words were "tüjn el" [Hungarian: get lost, disappear]. Always, when there was someone nearby, he shouted to me: "Tüjn el!"

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Interviewte(r): Henrich F.
Interviewt von:
Martin Flekenstein
Monat des Interviews:
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Bratislava, Slowakei


Karol Pagac
Jahrzehnt der Geburt:
Czechoslovakia 1918-38

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