What's outside the window?

This photo was taken on 10th July 1967, by me, Henrich F. It shows our two sons. The boys wanted to look outside, but were too small and couldn't reach. As stools were big, and they could have fallen out, bricks under their feet seemed to be the most reasonable solution. As you can see, one of the boys has a letter B on him. We used to mark photos like this due to friends and family. Often it would happen that they'd look at a photo and say: "Look, B..." and be looking at R., and the other way around.

How did our life change after our sons arrived? I'll tell you honestly. My wife and I transferred our previous relationship with our family to our children's upbringing. We very much re-oriented ourselves towards them. We devoted all our time to the boys. We were always together. We spent our spare time together, went on trips together. We never separated from our children. Holidays, vacations, we spent everything together. Because we had a car, it wasn't a problem to pack up and head out for a trip, to swimming holes or to the mountains. Quite often, we used to go to my wife's parents' in Levice. Unfortunately my father didn't live to see his grandsons. He died a few months before they were born.