Out for a walk

This picture was taken in the 1930s in the Janek Kral Orchard, in Petrzalka (today part of Bratislava). The tallest man in the photograph is my father, Julius F. Standing on his right is my mother, Helena, née Schwartz. Beside my mother is her sister Bella with her husband. Aunt Bella was childless and worked in a fashion store in Bratislava. I don't know who the people on my father's left are.

My father was born in Topolniky, at the time Nyarasd, on 25th November 1900. He finished mercantile school in Dunajska Streda, and then got a job in Bratislava. I don't think that my father had any hobbies, besides our whole family regularly going on trips. Most often we'd go somewhere around Bratislava. For example Zelezna Studnicka [recreational town in the region around Bratislava - Editor's note]. Several families would get together there. Walking around all morning wasn't a problem. My parents' friends were from various circles, they weren't only Jews. But most often we were with my mother's sisters and their families.

If I was to describe my father, I'd say he was a fantastic person. A truly good man. He was purposeful, of sound character, and punctual. He always managed to achieve what he wanted. There were never any disagreements between us. He was so tall, that he towered over everyone around him. He was around two meters tall. My mother was a good, respectable woman, and an excellent companion.