May 1st on Rybne Square in Bratislava

This photograph was taken on 1st May 1946, in Bratislava, on Rybne Square. In the photo I am the one on a bicycle.

I don't remember concretely this May 1st celebration. The second building on the right side that you can see in the photo is the Neolog synagogue on Rybne Square. The synagogue was later torn down.

After the war, a social group formed, where Jewish youth used to meet. We met each week for "tea", at the Carlton [Carlton: one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in Slovakia - Editor's note]. We'd occupy the entire hall, buy ten raspberry sodas, dance, and then leave. There were both girls and boys there. That's where people got together. But I didn't last long in any relationship with a girl. I was mostly abroad, working.