At Zelezna Studnicka

This photograph was taken around 1935 at Zelezna Studnicka [Steel Pond]. I, Henrich, am at the far right. I don't recognize the other people in the photo. There isn't anyone from our family among them. As you can see, the women are dressed in German outfits. Already, back then, the events in Germany were making themselves felt where we lived.

Besides that, Grandma Jolana used to watch over us a lot. Actually, she watched over all her grandchildren. We'd walk with her to the park in Hviezdoslav Square, to the Janek Kral Orchard. We'd take a ferry across the Danube, and there was this huge park there where we'd play. Besides this, we also used to go for walks with her around Bratislava. We used to go out into the country with our parents. In those days, vacations weren't really in fashion. Mostly we'd go out into the countryside around Bratislava. In the summer, my parents would send me to rest homes. These were pensions that took children on recommendation. There we'd play games together and walk around in the vicinity.