On the banks of the Danube

This is a photo of my father, Julius F., and his second wife, Manci. On the right is my niece Ema, and on the left is another niece, Frida. Both girls are the daughters of Manci's siblings.

Because we had lost our apartment in Venturska Street during the war, we applied for a replacement. At that time you could even be granted a villa left behind by Germans that had been expelled. But my father was careful. He claimed that those Germans would return, and would ask for their property back. Today's restitutions [Restitutions: law regarding the return of property - Editor's note] confirm his words. So we got a small apartment on Hviezdoslav Square. You couldn't even call it an apartment. There were two small rooms and a kitchen. In 1964 I got married, and my wife and I moved to [the neighborhood of] Kramare, to our current apartment.