Filip Schwartz

This is a photo of my grandfather Filip Schwartz, at the beginning of the 1920s.

My mother's family was from Bratislava. They were natives of Bratislava. My mother's father, Filip Schwartz, died before I was born, and I only know him from stories I heard. He was a shoemaker. His workshop was in Zidovska ulica [Jewish Street]. He and my grandmother, Jolana, lived in Mikulasska Street. My grandfather loved fish. If you know Bratislava, there were pontoons by the old Rybne namestie [Fish Square] from which fishermen used to catch fish from the Danube. They'd sell their catch right there. Every single day, my grandfather would go for his fish, which he'd prepare and eat. That was his specialty. Otherwise I don't know anything else about him.