Herbert Alexander F. with his daughter

This photo was taken in Prievidze at the end of the 1950s, where my cousin Herbert Alexander F. was working as the director of a horticultural station. In his arms he's holding his daughter.

My cousin Herbert F. also survived the war. Herbert's father and mine were brothers. Uncle Alexander had already died before the deportations. In his honor, Herbert also took on his father's name. So he was named Herbert Alexander F. Before the war, Herbert lived in that part of Czechoslovakia that then fell to Hungary. He ended up doing munkaszolgalát. After the war, he worked in a sugar refinery, in Dioszeg, where he lived in a company apartment, in a mansion. Soon after they had to give up that apartment, and got a replacement apartment in the town of Nebojsa, by Galanta. That was sometime at the beginning of the 1950s. Herbert married a Christian girl. He graduated from university in the field of pomiculture [fruit growing], gardening and the breeding of fruit trees. Because he was an expert, he ended up in Prievidze around the middle of the 1950s, where he started up a pomiculture breeding station. At that time he was also working as a correspondent of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Near the end of his life, he moved to Bratislava with his wife and daughter, who had in the meantime been born. There Herbert worked at the Agriculture Commission. From there he went into retirement. Unfortunately he's since died, here in Bratislava.