Protestant youth camp Brezova pod Bradlom

This photograph was taken in Brezova pod Bradlom, in 1943, where our parents had sent us to a Protestant youth camp, so that we'd be protected from the deportations. In the photo, my brother, Siegfrid, is the first on the left.

Upon our return from Kvetnica, my brother and I left with Grandma Jolana for Nitra. Grandma's brother Illes, who had a furniture company, lived in Nitra. This company's courtyard was next door to the courtyard belonging to the company Vychterle & Kovarik, which sold tractors, threshers and similar farm machinery. They had one long building. In the front there was a showroom and offices. In the back there were company apartments for the employees. We rented one of those apartments, and hid our there for some time. Then we returned to Bratislava, where it was also dangerous, and so our parents sent us to a Protestant youth camp in Brezova pod Bradlom. Usually one went there for two-week stays, but we were allowed to stay there for two months. I'm sure there were other Jewish children among us.