A trip to Zelezna Studnicka

This photo was taken on 28th April 1935, during our trip to Zelezna Studnicka. From right to left, it shows me, Henrich F., then my brother Siegfrid, my mother Helen, my father Henrich, and our neighbors at the time, Mrs. and Mr. Tojan. The photo was taken in front of the Klepac Restaurant.

In 1934 we moved from Zuckermandel to Vidrica, where we lived on the first floor. My parents got to know our neighbor, Mr. Tojan, who had a barber shop in Dlha Street.

I don't think that my father had any hobbies, besides our whole family regularly going on trips. Most often we'd go somewhere around Bratislava. For example Zelezna Studnicka [recreational town in the region around Bratislava - Editor's note]. Several families would get together there. Walking around all morning wasn't a problem. My parents' friends were from various circles, they weren't only Jews.

I was born, as my parents' first child, in 1928. They named me Henrich, or informally Harry. Several years later, on 28th February 1935, my brother, Siegfrid, was born. My brother and I got along very well. He was an agreeable kid. But we didn't get to enjoy very much fun and games outside, because the anti-Jewish laws [5] began coming out, so we mostly stayed inside.