Wedding photo of Lora and Mair Benvinisti

This is the wedding picture of my parents, Mair and Lora Benvinisti, nee Ilel. The photo was taken in Plovdiv in 1921. My parents are in the middle. Then there is my father's brother, Mihael Benvinisti - the tallest from the left - and his sister Sultana Amar, nee Benvinisti, on his right. In the far right corner are my mother's brother Liezer Ilel and his wife Ester; my mother's sister Ester Ilel and her husband Solomon, who had a dairy in the town of Chirpan. The seated ones are Rika, she was the bridesmaid and wife of one my mother's brothers, either Albert or Liezer. I suppose he is the other one seated. I think the little girl was their daughter. The boy's name was Marko. He was a grandson of Rahamin Ilel, my maternal grandfather. Marko was in the trade business in Israel. My father's brother Mihael was a merchant and he had a haberdashery shop in Plovdiv. Duda, the third from left in the second row, was Mihael's first wife. She died while giving birth to twin-daughters.