Moritz Assa with party members

This is my husband Moritz Assa, the first from left, in Plovdiv after 9th September 1944 when he was working in the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party. He is with other party members on that photo, Vasil Kolarov is also there - he was one of the most famous communist party leaders at that time, and a member of the government of Georgy Dimitrov. In 1949 my husband went to work in the Central Party Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Sofia, and my two children and I stayed with my mother. My husband and the people around him who dealt with party matters worked almost for free. They were very moral and idealistic people. My husband spent two years in a party school for communist party leaders in Sofia. I lived with my parents in Plovdiv at that time. I used to sew at home because we needed money; I was also distributing food vouchers. My husband Moritz was totally devoted to his ideas. I had the feeling then that this idealism wasn't absolutely positive because it suggested that those who weren't communists were not humans.