Moritz Assa

This is my husband Moritz Assa before he was thrown into prison for illegal anti-fascist activities in the 1940s. He was born in 1922, and he was from a richer family than mine. He lived nearby and when I went out for work in the morning, he also used to go out so that we could walk together. My husband was studying at the Commercial High School then. My husband went to live with me when we were just 16. His father had chased him out of home because he was a communist, and they didn't accept me as his wife because I wasn't from a rich family. We got married in 1941 when we were 19. Moritz was involved in illegal activities at the time, and he was recruiting followers for the Revolutionary Youth Union [RYU, a youth anti-fascist organisation]. He went to the school and agitated the youths to become RYU members. The police were looking for him, and he used to hide in the homes of his student friends.