Rebeca Assa's family

This is my family in 1927. My brother Albert Benvinisti and I are between my mother Lora Benvinisti, nee Ilel and my father, Mair Benvinisti. I?m standing on the stool and my mother holds my brother . I was four years old and my brother was two. At the time the picture was taken we lived in a big yard with many houses in Plovdiv. My mother is wearing an official velvet dress with embroidery on the hem. She had a perfect taste about her clothing and she used to dress very elegantly all the time. She used to wear a simple cotton dress and bought a new one every spring. My father was very strict in his clothing. He used to wear different clothes for the time he spent at home or at work, and official clothes also - he put them on when he went out for a walk. I wore a velvet dress especially for that occasion.