Rebeca Assa's family

This is my family in Sofia in 1960, before our children got married. My husband, Moritz Assa, was sent to Italy on a business trip and he brought us nice clothes from there. He brought some lovely woollen material for me, and I made the suit that I?m wearing on the photo. We lived on 52 Clement Gotwald Street then. Our daughter Margarita Alecsieva [nee Assa] is between my husband and me. Our older son Isak Assa is on the right behind me, and my second son, Maer Assa, is next to him. Our sons were born in Plovdiv - Isak in 1942, Maer in 1946 - and our daughter, Margarita, in 1951 in Sofia. My husband went to Sofia to work for the party in 1949. I followed him in 1950. There were commissions in Sofia that dealt with the distribution of lodgings. Such a commission gave us two rooms with the right to use a living room also on Clement Gotwald Blvd [Evlogi Georgiev today]. Two of my children got married in that house. We moved to our present apartment in the Hipoduma quarter in 1962. I wasn't working anymore and was dealing with social activities. My parents followed me [to Sofia] two years after that because I wanted to work, and my mother had to look after my children. My parents got Sofia citizenship easily. I started to sew shirts and got very little money for that, but it helped anyway. I went back to work in a sewing co-operation, Boyka, when Margarita was two, and I became a quality controller there. I worked there for thirteen years and retired after that. My husband was sent to London as a Bulgarian commercial attache in 1968 and I went there one year later.