Sultana and Marko Amar

This is my father's sister Sultana Amar, nee Benvinisti, with her future husband Marko Amar. The photo was taken in Plovdiv in 1926. They were together for a long time in Bulgaria and they even had a child, Aron, but her fiance left for the USA suddenly. Everybody thought that he had broken up with her, as she had lived with him for eight years. But one day a telegram arrived saying that he would wait for her at the New York airport. So my father's sister left for the USA in 1930. My aunt's farewell was impressive. I remember that my paternal grandmother lived in a small house, and she received congratulations there for finally managing to marry her daughter off. Aron was my age but I don't have any information about him. I remember that the street was full of carriages and people who had come to see Sultana off to the airport. The whole town of Plovdiv gathered for her departure. My father had gone to ask the richer Jews for financial support so that he could help his sister leave for the USA.