Rebeca Assa's family on vacation

This is a photo of my family taken on a vacation in Velingrad in the 1920s. I am the one on the left, next to me is my paternal grandma, Perla Benvinisti. Next to her is my cousin Albert, son of my uncle Mihael Benvinisti, and my uncle Isak Benvinisti is on the far right. Uncle Isak was rich enough, and he decided to take my grandma, his mother, on a vacation, and he took my cousins and me along, too. I remember that they made me a dress from two scarves then. I was very thin back then, and my grandma said that they should take me on a vacation so that they could feed me well there. Uncle Isak wasn't married then, and he worked in a factory. The whole family used to gather in his house for Pesach, as we thought he was the most prosperous of us because he was working in a factory. Three families used to gather - ours, my uncle's and the one of my father's other brother, David Benvinisti, who had been adopted by another family in the town of Haskovo. We had to keep his visits secret because he had been sold in Haskovo under the condition that he would never see his mother again, but despite that, he used to visit her secretly. His adoptive parents were rich people and my uncle risked their abandoning him for his visits to Plovdiv. My paternal grandma's family was extremely poor and, because of that, they were forced to give their child away.