Perla Benvenisti and her grandchildren

This is a picture of my paternal grandma, Perla Benvinisti, and her grandchildren. The photo was taken in Plovdiv in the 1930s. My younger brother Rahamin Benvinisti is on the right, I am next to him, my other brother Albert Benvinisti is next to me, our cousin Albert - the son of my father's brother Mihael Benvinisti - is next to him, and on his right are the two girl-twins - also children of Mihael. Mihael's first wife Duda died while giving birth to the twins. Michael married Duda's sister Mati after that, and she brought the girls up, and gave birth to his son. The photo was taken in the big yard in the Marasha quarter in Plovdiv. We lived a normal life there. We didn't have electricity at first but after that, they installed it. All the children in the picture wear their everyday clothes. Marasha was a place with densely built two-floor houses. The poorest families used to live on the first floor and the richer ones, on the second. We lived on the second floor, as my father had a decent job. The owner of those houses was a Jew and he rented the houses out. The houses were arranged in a way that they formed a big inner yard. Only Jews lived there.