Telegram from Erna Guggenheim to Moshe Goldmann

Telegram from Erna Guggenheim to Moshe Goldmann

I sent this telegram to Moshe (Martin) Goldmann, who was my boyfriend back then and who would later become my husband.

I wrote it in 1937 to tell him that I had received my certificate for Palestine. Moshe had already left Germany in 1934.

My mother got her certificate first, mine came a bit later.

Because the certificate had to be used before a certain date – otherwise it would have expired – my mum had to leave without me.

I stayed in our house, in a room in the attic. We had already abandoned our apartment. I was alone for two, three weeks.

I can’t remember how I felt, and I can’t remember what I did.

Finally, there was a note from the Jewish Agency in the mail that I could pick up my certificate.

The only thing I had with me was a suitcase with a few dresses.

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