Postcard from Moshe Goldmann to Erna Guggenheim

Postcard from Moshe Goldmann to Erna Guggenheim

Moshe went to Palestine in 1934. He visited me frequently between 1933 and 1934.

And when he was not in Frankfurt, he would write me. On a postcard, from Dessau, he wrote:

“Dear Erna,

I can not thank you for your letter, because there was none.

Above all, I want to wish you a fine Seder. Ask ‘ma nichtane…’ [ma nischtanen haLeila hase is a Passover prayer from the Haggadah [11], which is recited by the youngest member oft he family.

It means: “How does this night differ from all other nights”?] and don’t eat too many Matzo [12] balls. Yesterday I returned from Berlin.

I talked to almost all of my friends, Schattner, Sereni, Liebenstein, Schollnik, Georg, etc. etc. Sereni went to Rome for Seder [8] yesterday.

From there, he went to Eretz [13]. Stay in country for three weeks, and then come back. In the evening, I went to the theater, “One hundred days” by Mussolini.

Fouché, Gustav Gründgens; Napoleon, Werner Krauss. It is the depiction of the 100-day-reign of Napoleon, after his exile.

It was fabulous. The actors Gründgens, Krauss were amazing. After I hadn’t been to the theater for such a long time, this performance was a real pleasure.

In the true sense of the word. So, let me know how you are. I will be in Dessau until Monday.

My regards, I kiss you.


Dessau 29.3.34.”

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