My brother Karl

This is a picture or my oldest brother Karl. He was born on January 12, 1906, and was twelve years older than me.

In 1933, he had finished his studies and he had even completed an internship at the Virchow-Hospital in Berlin.

He was a general practitioner, but later he only did scientific research.

My brother Karl was a fervent Zionist. After his internship, Karl left Germany and went to Palestine. My parents were ok with it, they were very modern. It wasn’t easy back then:

You needed a certificate from the British, because Palestine was ruled by Great Britain.

Karl had realized early what happened in Germany and wrote to my parents over and over again: “You have to come, you have to come!

In Jerusalem, Karl married a girl whom he had met at the Zionist Youth Movement in Frankfurt.

Her name was Irene. She lived in a Kibbutz before they got married.