Erna Goldmann in Tel Aviv

Erna Goldmann in Tel Aviv

This is me at Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. That’s what Tel Aviv looked like at that time, too: sand and huts.

You could find everything you needed in Tel Aviv in 1937: streets, movie theaters, cafés.

We sat together with friends, talked and drank coffee. My sister-in-law lived on Ben Yehuda Street, and we lived on the corner of Keren Kayemet/Emile Zola. Keren Kayemet is Ben Gurion Street today.

We had a beautiful apartment. In the morning, we went down Ben Yehuda Street, and we had to stop every five minutes:

“Oh, hello, when did you get here, how long have you been here?”

I was feeling great. I could go to the beach in shorts and meet friends. The whole Ben Yehuda Street spoke German!

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