The Goldmann Family in Tel Aviv

Here you can see my father-in-law, Adolf Goldmann, in the middle, my husband Moshe to the left, and my husband’s cousin to the right.

I can’t remember what his cousin’s name was. The photo was taken in Tel Aviv; we had just arrived when the photo was taken.

My father-in-law came from Dessau to Tel Aviv for the wedding.

His wife stayed in Dessau, where my father-in-law owned a big leather factory.

After the wedding, he wanted to go back to Germany. But my husband and his brother said: “You are not going back!” But he left nonetheless.

But he didn’t go back to Germany, he went to Czechoslovakia. From there, he called his wife and told her to drop everything and join him immediately.

My mother-in-law took whatever she could grab and left. They never went back to Germany.