Jenny Wahl and her friend

Jenny Wahl and her friend

In this photo you can see my sister-in-law Jenny, my husband’s sister, with one of her friends in Dessau.

Jenny came to Palestine in 1939. She lived in Berlin with her husband Josef Wahl. Her son Hanania was born there in 1939. Josef worked for the Jewish Agency.

He had to leave overnight, because they were looking for him. The Nazis were going to pick him up.

So he disappeared overnight, went to Dessau and stayed with his parents-in-law.

And from there, he quickly went to Palestine. Jenny remained in Berlin alone with her baby. Luckily, she eventually made it, too.

I remember how she got here with her baby Hanania on her arm.

My husband and I went to Haifa by bus to pick her up. Hanania is 71 years old now.

We have been in contact all the time. He doesn’t live far from here.

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