Moshe Goldmann at Eschenheimer Anlage in Frankfurt

This is my husband Martin. His Jewish name was Moshe.

In this photo, he is standing in front of our house at Eschenheimer Anlage in Frankfurt.

I met my husband in 1933 in the Zionist Youth Movement “Blau-Weiß”. He was 20, and I was only 16. Moshe lived in Dessau.

I think his mother Helene came from Vienna; his father Adolf Goldmann was born into an eastern European Jewish family from Poland. Moshe went to Palestine in 1934.

He visited me frequently between 1933 and 1934. But the most time we spent at “Blau-Weiß” together.

After the meetings, he used to walk me home, and then we would stand on the street in front of our house for a long time, until my mum yelled from the window:

“Erna, come in now.” I don’t know if she was OK with me having a boyfriend, but it was never discussed.