Pavle Sosberger with his mother and brother

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This photo was taken in 1926 in Rakospalota at my mothers parents. First from left is me, I was six years old. The woman in the photo is my mum, and the baby is my six month old brother Dodi. He got tuberculosis from the wet nurse. In Novi Sad nobady could cure him so we went to Hungary, where doctors succeeded to cure him and he stayed alive. 

My brother was called Adolf Armand Schosberger, Adolf after my grandfather, and Armand, my mother found, so it would not be only Adolf. We didn't call him Adolf nor Arman but Dodi or Dodika, even in school they called him by his nickname only now and then by his full name. He was born in 1926 in Novi Sad.

At least once a year we had to go to Budapest to our family. I remember, from my childhood, Seder at my grandmother Sidi in Rakospalota. Usually I went there with my mother and brother. My father didn't always come with us. It was big house with six or seven rooms. In one of them there was a big cabinet where all Pesah dishes were held. Of course these dishes were used only during Pesah. Seder was held in a big room; it was a big dinning room and the whole family would always gather there together. Grandfather guided the Seder. They hid afikoman as well so we the children would look after it everywhere in the house. We finished with the song Hadgaja (about a goat). Usually I would say Ma nistanah and my brother Dodika and my nephew Jancsika would look for afikoman.

Besides visiting family, Dodika, my mother and I went once together to the seaside to Crkvenica. No more we traveled together.


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Dina Sosberger
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Novi Sad, Serbia


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Adolf Armand Schosberger
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Novi Sad
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Kingdom of Yugoslavia
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Novi Sad
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Kingdom of Yugoslavia
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Novi Sad

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