The Schosberger family in their house

This is my family in the living room of our house in Mileticeva street. It was taken at the beginning of World War II; it is the last photo that I have together with my family. My father is sitting, my younger brother is standing at the right side of my mother, and I’m at the left side of my mother. 

During 1933 we moved to Mileticeva street because my father had financial problems and the house were we lived was sold. The building was erected on the location of the former 'Kamila' café bar that was a well known meeting place for writers and bohemians in Novi Sad. The building was built by Cocek Nandor a building contractor from Novi Sad, after the projects of Mihaly Feith, architect, who had come to Novi Sad for that reason. He lived with us at that time and sometimes he ate at grandmother Gizela on Karadziceva Street.

In that building except us lived some other our relatives, Kellers, (today they live in Rehovot), Kalmans, Dr. Santo with his family, Schosberger Mano (Kis Marci) with the family. There were more residents here but I don't remember them.

My parents and brother were killed in front of our house during the Raid in Novi Sad ( in January, 21-23 1942). From our house, during the Raid all its residents were killed and that in front of the house. Only two little babies were saved, Aleksandar Kerenji and Djurika Goldstajn. Servants hid them in pillows and so saved.