Pavle Sosberger’s maternal grandmother, Sidonija Feith

This is my maternal grandmother Sidonija Feith. This phopto was taken in Rakospalota, in the 1920s. She was married to my grandfather Gabor. We called her Sidi. She comes from Weiner family. She used to help my grandfather in the office with administrative type of jobs. While she was working in the office he would look after other duties out of the office. 

I remember, from my childhood, Seder at my grandmother Sidi. We would always go to my grandfather and grandmother to Rakospalota. Usually I went there with my mother and brother. My father didn't always come with us. It was a big house with six or seven rooms. In one of them there was a big cabinet where all Pesah dishes were held. Of course these dishes were used only during Pesah. Seder was held in a big room; it was a big dinning room and the whole family would always gather there together. Grandfather guided the Seder. They hid afikoman as well so we, the children would look after it everywhere in the house.