Pavle Sosberger at the family office

This is me. It was one of the performances that my mum organized with her children in the Jewish kindergarten. I was dancing in this performance, and I  had to wear silk tailcoat and wig. 

I was born in Budapest, in the Jewish hospital 'Szeretetkorhaz'. I was born on Yom Kippur on September 21, 1920. My grandfather Gabor lived 10 kilometers away from the hospital and on the second day after my birth (it was still Yom Kippur) he had walked to the hospital to see me. 

We didn't live in Budapest for long. To Novi Sad my mother and I came with the ship 'Franc Jozef', it was the first voyage that I remember. We traveled for a long time from Pest to Novi Sad, but it was fun. When we arrived, my father was waiting for us and waving. My father had come to Novi Sad before we did in order to prepare everything for our arrival. We went with a coach to our house. I think I was 3 or 4 years old.

I attended the Jewish elementary school, then the secondary grammar school Kralj Aleksandar. It was a classical state male secondary grammar school (4 grades of secondary). Here I was studying Latin and French. I loved to study languages. My French teacher would always praise me to be the best student of his.