Pavle Sosberger with his brother and relatives

This photo was taken in 1930s, it is in the backyard of our house in Karadziceva street where my paternal grandmother lived. These are all Schosberger’s grandchildren. First from right is me, I was the oldest grandson I’m wearing secondary school hat. Next to me is my uncles Eugen’s daughter Mira. The boy in the midle is uncle’s Martin only child Egon. After World War II he went to live in Isreal where he died in 1995. Next to him is Mira’s sister Vera, she was youngest from us. The smallest child with little toy in his hand is my brother Dodi. During World War II he was killed together with my parents in Novi Sad’s Raid.  

Mira was born in 1923. Today she lives in Paris. She has a daughter Clair and a grandson Julien. She has two Ph. D's, one from psychology and one from pedagogy; she is a pensioner today. Her sister Vera was born in 1927. She was a famous pianist in Novi Sad and a piano teacher. She never got married. She died in 1972.

Egon was born in 1924 in Novi Sad. Egon immigrated to Israel in 1948 with his wife Vera Lacko. He worked in Israel at customs district and for some time in the American embassy. He has two children Eliezer and Ofra and five grandchildren. Egon died in Israel in 1995.