Article about Pavle Sosberger’s mother

This page is an extract from the newspaper called ‘The Jewish Newspaper’. It was a weekly newspaper.  It was published in 1940. The extract states the following:  ‘on Sunday,  December  29, 1940, Wizo held its annual children’s performance for Chanukkah. The credit should be given to Mrs Paula Schosberger, who is not only the specialist in this field but who also put much effort in the rehersals for the performance’.  

Mother Paula was born in 1895 in Rakospalota. She first completed the Jewish elementary school and then attended the famous Veres Palne secondary girls' school. Later she completed an advanced technical school for civil engineering. In secret she also completed Montessori academy for extracurricular education. Few year after she got married we came to Novi Sad. In that time she was the first person to have education for educating kids in extracurricular activities. It was the Montessori Method she used, which is even today attractive.

She was very skillful. She would make anything and everything, for example, she drew, did handwork, made different decorations from wood, Goblins, made and worked on vases. I loved to help her; I would, for example, by a plain vase and then we would color it in black and drew figures in some other colors. After that we would lacquer it and get a very nice thing.