Pavle Sosberger with his wife, Agneza Sosberger

Pavle Sosberger with his wife, Agneza Sosberger

This photo was taken in 1998. This is my wife and me at our 50th marriadge aniversary. We celebrated it in one restaurant in Novi Sad with our family. 

My wife is called Agneza Sosberger, or Agika as her nickname is. She was born in Ada [located in Vojvodina, Serbia] in 1926. She comes from Neuberger family. Her family was an orthodox Jewish family. When the World War II started she completed the middle school. During the war she was in a camp in Czechoslovakia. 

We met after the war. While doing the military service at the army headquarters in Nis (Serbia), I met Jelena Viculin, nee Hofman. She was a daughter of Ada's rabbi and a friend of my Agika. And she arranged that we meet. The first time we met was in Belgrade in 'Moskva' hotel. We had got immediately friendly, soon she had invited me to Ada, and not long after we got engaged.

We got married in 1948 in Ada. During the morning we got married in the city hall, and just before lunch we had a religious wedding (in the backyard of their house) under Chuppah. A prayer led the ritual, at the wedding there were a lot of acquaintances who had known me even before World War II and there were new acquaintances and friends. It was rather a big wedding.

Today we live in Agika’s family flat in center of town. In 1950 we got son Josip. Although we were not religious family we educate our son as a Jew. We always celebrated all holidays, and we were all very active members of our community. Also my  grandchildren Dina and Eli are active memebers of Jewish community in Novi Sad. In 2002 My grandson Eli married Sanja and they have child, my great grandson Filip. 

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