Pavle Sosberger’s paternal grandfather Adolf Schosberger

Pavle Sosberger’s paternal grandfather Adolf Schosberger

This is my paternal grandfather Adolf Schosberger. this photo was taken in Novi Sad in 1920s few years before his death.

He was born in 1855 in Backa Palanka [located in Vojvodina, Serbia]. It is not clear to me why he was born there, probably in the days after the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848, when Novi Sad suffered damage., life was difficult, so the family had left to this nearby place for a short time and then returned again to Novi Sad. 

Grandfather Adolf, like his ancestors was a businessman, but had started as an accountant.  As alleged, he had his own office in 1896 on the Vilson's square [today, at the main post office], and in 1904 he founded his store that was called 'Adolf  Schosberger Agency and Commission Store'. The company was located for a long time at number 28 Futoska Street; where they lived as well. As the children were finishing schools they would go to work at their father's company. Besides having his own store, Grandfather Adolf was also a partner in Goldsmith's and watchmaker store of his brother Filip and his brother-in-law Samuil Kraus (his sister's, Gizela, husband). 

On May 15, 1924 when the company worked in full swing grandfather entered his office while his employees were moving cabinets with archives. He wanted to help them to move a cabinet, as he started doing that so he dropped down dead on the floor. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Novi Sad in the family crypt. 

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