Pavle Sosberger

This photo was taken two years ago. That day I recived award for my work on saving the data about Jewish life in Vojvodina in 2001. The award is from the city of Novi Sad and was presented to me by the mayor.   

I recived my first award in 1990 from museum Yad Vashem, where I received an award, the Golden Menorah for my work on collecting the data about Jews from Vojvodina who got killed during the Holocaust and about Jewish life in this part of Serbia. There were about 19000 Jews killed in Vojvodina and by 1989 I had the data about 15000 of them. Today this list is even longer. For me that was the biggest prize for the Jewish work. 

I wrote several books that the government subsidized and helped with their publishing. I wrote about the history of the Jewish people in this region and the town of Novi Sad. I wrote also about the synagogues in Vojvodina. All my books were printed here and published; I had got approval for all that.