Census from 1808

This document is the census from 1808 where Avram Schosberger is registered as a small trader.  I found it in the Museum of  the City of Novi Sad. 

The first information about my family is about my great-great-grandfather Avram Schosberger who was born in 1779 in Racko Selo [today Novi Sad]. I don't know the names of his parents but I believe that they lived in Novi Sad, too. His wife was Fanny Feith from Bugyi [Hungary]. It is interesting that there were marriages between these families (Schosberger and Feith) for four generations. The children of Avram and Fanny are Moritz, Natan, Lazar and Cili.

During the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848, Novi Sad was bombed on June, 12. 1849, a bomb shell hit the building in which Avram lived and killed him. Since there were no conditions to bury Avram in the cemetery his family put him in trough for washing laundry and buried him in a shed for firewood. Then my great-great-grandmother Fanny fled with her family to her parents in Bugyi, and stayed there for about a year. After the family returned to Novi Sad the late Avram was exhumed and buried in the Jewish cemetery in Novi Sad. There is a pitcher on his tombstone as a symbol of belonging to the Leviticus tribe.