Pavle Sosberger’s brother, Adolf Arman Schosberger

This is my brother Dodi [Adolf], he was playing in one of the performances that my mum organized with her children in the Jewish kindergarten. He was an English delegate, he had to wear tailcoat and top hat. 

My brother was called Adolf Armand Schosberger, Adolf after my grandfather, and Armand, my mother found, so it would not be only Adolf. We didn't call him Adolf nor Arman but Dodi or Dodika, even in school they called him by his nickname, only now and then by his full name. He was born in 1926 in Novi Sad.

Dodika, like me, was attending the Jewish elementary school, then secondary grammar school; after he had completed it he began to go to a technical school but he didn't complete the 3rd grade because the war had started. I don't remember, I had not been here when the war started, but I think one could attend schools then, but he was killed in the raid in 1942. He was 16 then.

Once there was an interesting problem with the name of my brother. We worked every summer in my grandfather's office. I started arranging the archives, I had to read every letter, to put them in files where they belong and the same thing Dodika had to do later. After I grew up, I advanced and when there were no lectures I would work in the company. I would do everything, I went to the bank to cash cheques, and I would even pay customs. When I stopped working in the company Dodika became the incomer for my duties. Once he has gone to the bank, the clerk asked him to put his signature. He signed as 'Adolf Schosberger' - the clerk told him 'don't sign the company but your name', 'but my name is Adolf Sosberger' he says.