The wedding of Samuel Pinkas

This is a photo of the wedding of my uncle Sami Pinkas and his wife Lora Shaulova, nee Pinkas. It was taken in Vidin, in 1925. He is the third brother of my father, who married last. On this photo there are many relatives from the side of my father. We can see my grandmother Simha Pinkas, nee Beniesh and my grandfather Avram Pinkas, my mother, Lenka Pinkas, nee Beraha, the younger brother of my father, Josef Pinkas and his wife Sterina. She is the first from right to left on the first row, next to her is my mother, my grandfather and my grandmother, the newly-weds, the mother of my aunt Lora, her elder sister with her husband and daughter. I am next to my mother and I am two years old then. In the second row on the right are relatives of ours mostly, and on the left side are the relatives of my aunt's family, friends of my uncle and of the family. The photo was taken in the old house, where the family lived before they moved into the bigger house. The house in which we first lived was big, with four rooms and a hall between them, where we had lunch and supper, and two kitchens. We also had a yard where we played as children. I was born in the so-called 'old house'. Next to the big house where we lived, there was another house, a smaller one, where my grandparents and parents lived first.