Sophie Pinkas with her first cousin Jacques Pinkas

Here I am with my first cousin Jacques Pinkas who is the son of my uncle Yosef. During one of my visits to Israel at the beginning of the 1990s, we set off from Arad to the Dead Sea. On our way we saw a rock formation that we loved and we decided to have a picture in front of it. It was a very nice trip. I have been to the Dead Sea before, I have even been in there although I didn't swim. My cousin lives 30 kilometers from Haifa in a village called Yuvalim. They built houses from the rocks in an area. He has a nice big house. Now he is a pensioner; he does not work. He did land surveying before. He has a very nice family - two daughters and a son. After his first wife died, he married again, an Argentinian Jew, who took care of the household and the kids.