A gathering of Sophie Pinkas's family and guests from Israel

This is a photo from a family gathering at our house in Sofia in 1988. The occasion was the visit of my cousin Avram, the son of Yosef, the youngest brother of my father. From right to left are Lena Pinkas, the daughter of my brother, who emigrated with her family to Israel and now works in a big hospital in Kaplan as a head of an isotopic laboratory. Next to her is Susanna Pinkas, the wife of my cousin Avram. They immigrated to Israel later. In Bulgaria she worked as a midwife. Next to her is Nora Pinkas - my sister-in-law, the wife of my brother Avram. She is a doctor. She died three years ago. Next to her is her sister Lili, who moved to Israel in 1948. Next to Lili is my son Mois. I am above him. Next to me is my daughter-in-law Vera and next to her is my husband Simcho or Nissim Kohenov. Next to him is Hristo - a friend of my first cousin Beki Pinkas, who is below me. She moved to Israel at the beginning of the 1990s. Below Vera is my niece Heli, who lives in Bulgaria. Next to her is her father, my brother Avram, but we call him Berto. He is a professor and surgeon, now a pensioner but still working. Next to him is my first cousin Avram who lives in Israel with his wife Lili. He is a chemical engineer. Next to him is my other cousin Avram, son of my uncle Jacques. Sitting below are my second granddaughter Dora and Maxim, the son of my niece Lena, who is now in Israel. This is her elder son.