Nissim Kohenov

This photo was taken in the 1980s, but I don't know where exactly. My husband, Nissim Kohenov, is already middle-aged here. My husband and I met right after 9th September 1944 and got married in 1946. My wedding was very untraditional. The day we decided to marry was a Friday. At that time we both worked in the UYW organization in Vidin and we decided that we had to marry on that day. We had some meetings in the morning and at noon, at around 1:30, while I was having lunch at home, my husband came and we decided to go and marry before the registrar. At that time weddings were made by signing at the registrar in the municipality. I didn't have a wedding gown; I was wearing a plain dress, a red one with white spots. My brother from Sofia, who was a university student, had come to Vidin. He knew that we were going to be married. On our way we met another friend from the committee and invited him too. When we signed, we had to hurry off, because my husband had another meeting while I, as a bride, was given a day off. I went home, my mother had prepared dinner and we invited guests - friends and relatives. My husband had a lot of work to do, so the guests had already arrived and he was still not home. We didn't have a religious wedding, because at that time we were following the communist ideals. My husband was a really interesting man - with versatile skills, much knowledge in the field of culture and international art. He painted pictures, and knew very well classical music. He was a serious man, he didn't waste time playing cards or things like that. The most important thing for him was to read, study, learn and teach. He also loved his hometown and worked a lot for the Vidin community, of which he was chairman. Not only the Jews, but all Vidin citizens who lived in Sofia were organized in that community. We organized events, meetings, and celebrations. During the vacations he liked to paint. My husband loved the mountains and nature and every Sunday he went to the Vitosha Mountain. On our holidays we sometimes went to the seaside and to the Rhodope Mountains - that was our favorite mountain.