Nissim Kohenov with his brothers David and Santi

This photo was taken in the 1980s in Sofia. Here my husband Nissim Kohenov or Simcho as everyone called him, is with his two brothers David and Santi. Santi is the eldest one - he was born in 1910. After he graduated from high school in Vidin, he went to study engineering in France and remained there. The second brother is David. He was born in 1921. He graduated from high school in Vidin and also had a suspended sentence in 1943 [like Nissim]. He went with his father to Vranjska Banja [today Serbia] and joined with him the Yugoslav partisans. After the war he went to study in Paris where his brother lived and graduated in medicine. He married a Jew and they left for Israel. He worked in Beer Sheva and died in 2002. Since the three brothers were separated for many years - Santi was in France, David in Israel and Nissim in Bulgaria - they decided to organize a reuniuon and came here at the same time. The three of them traveled around the country. On the photo first from right to left: Santi, Nissim and David.