Avram Pinkas in the Jewish school

This photo was taken at Purim in Vidin in 1935, in the class of my brother, Avram Pinkas, in the Jewish school. My brother is third from right to left in the first row, dressed as a cook. Next to my brother on the right side is his friend Benzion Pinkas. He is dressed as a chimneysweeper. We always received presents, money or some bags with sweets on Purim. At home we made a lot of sweets and cakes on Purim. We also made ring-shaped buns with nut filling. My mother and my grandmother were excellent cooks and made delicious dishes. Our house was always full on such occasions. We all dressed up for the fancy-dress ball. Once, one of my aunts dressed as a cat, another as a chimneysweeper and my mother as a big drum. Many masked guests came to our house. They were all wondering if they would be able to recognize each other. We never went to the synagogue on Purim.