Celebration of Rosh Hashanah

The photo was taken in Sofia in 1987. My aunt had guests from Israel - the brother and sister-in-law. The Israeli guests performed the ritual of Rosh Hashanah with the honey and the apple. From right to left at the table are: I and my husband Simcho [Nissim] Kohenov, David Arie, who is the brother of my aunt Roza Pinkas, the wife of my uncle Jacques. David Arie lives in Israel; he emigrated in 1948. He came to visit his nephews - the son and daughter of his sister Roza. Next to him is Susanna Pinkas, who is wife of my first cousin Avram Pinkas, the son of my uncle Jacques Pinkas. Next to him is Poli Pinkas, who is the daughter of my cousin Beka Pinkas, again daughter of Jacques and Roza. She is also in Israel. She emigrated in the 1990s. Next to her is the husband of the daughter of my cousins Avram and Susanna, who isn?t on the photo. His name was Simcho. He also lives in Israel. Next to him are his two daughters Rozi and Suzi. Next is my first cousin Avram Pinkas, the son of Jacques and Rosa, who was in Israel, but died here in Bulgaria after a heart surgery. He is buried here, but his family is in Israel. Next to him is Reni Arie, the wife of David Arie. They came to visit us and invited me and my husband to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with them. My father's brothers and their families returned often to Bulgaria. We also kept in touch by mail. We have always been interested in life in Israel. We read books, newspapers and magazines, but only those which were published in Bulgaria. There was no other way to keep ourselves informed. We exchanged letters regularly with our relatives, but it was more of a correspondence on the family issues and financial situation.