Sophie Pinkas with her son Mois Kohenov and her husband Nissim Kohenov

This photo was taken in the Rila Monastery in 1954. Our whole family loved nature and we went very often to the mountain, but we also loved traveling and visiting historical sites and museums. This photo was taken on one of our visits to the Rila Monastery. After 1960, when we had a car, we traveled throughout Europe; we usually passed along the Southern coast: Italy, France, Spain. We also traveled to Germany and the Scandinavian countries. I usually went to Israel alone, I went with my husband after 1990. My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters also went to visit some cousins of ours there. We never had problems going to Israel. My family and I think that the hard period we experienced before the war and the first years after it in terms of economic situation and opportunities for cultural progress ended. After the 1950s life changed and I think that until 1980-85 we lived much better. I can say that for my private life too. We weren?t very rich, but we did not deprive ourselves of anything. We had every opportunity to lead a normal life, to study, work and travel. We loved traveling and did that a lot - in Bulgaria and abroad. We changed our car two or three times. So, I think that on the whole we lived very well.