Sophie Pinkas at a high school reunion

This photo was taken in the 1960s in Vidin. I am fifth from right, in the second row. Very often the high school alumni organized jubilee meetings in their hometown after graduation. This was one of the meetings of the girls from the girls' high school in Vidin, not only from our class, but all the graduates. We shared memories of our high school years, the five years we spent together. Only one of our teachers can be seen on the photo - she taught us physical education. She is kneeling on the right side of the photo. Third from left to right in the upper row is my best friend Jina Kirova, nee Mashiah. She couldn't study at university. After she graduated from high school, she started working; she married and worked with her husband, firstly in Vidin, then in Rousse and then in Sofia. She worked in the trade union at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Later she left for Israel to help her daughter, who had moved before them, but went down with an illness and died.