Nissim and David Kohenov with students of the Bulgarian school 'Naycho Tsanov'

This photo was taken in Vidin in 1928. My husband Nissim and his brother David studied in the Bulgarian school 'Naycho Tsanov' as children. It was located in the Kaleto quarter. The Jewish families in Vidin lived in a separate quarter called Kaleto. Vidin was divided by a big fortress wall, it was called 'kale' and most of the Jewish families were in the same part of the town. The Jewish school, the synagogue and our house were also in Kaleto. Some of our neighbors were Jewish, others were Turks, with whom we got on very well. A Turkish junior high school was opposite our house. We talked in Bulgarian with them. There were a lot of Turks in Vidin at that time so we kept in touch with the Turks at one side and with three Bulgarian families at the other side. Bulgarian children from the neighborhood studied there, but there were also some Jewish kids. On the photo Simcho is around six years old - he is in the upper row, second from left to right and below him is his brother David. They are students in the first grade.