Sophie Pinkas with her husband and son

This family photo was taken in Vidin in 1947. Nissim Kohenov and I married in 1946 and at the end of 1946 my husband was transferred from Vidin to Sofia. In 1947 I returned to my parents in Vidin to give birth to the baby, our son Mois. I gave birth to my son Mois in 1947 in Vidin. At that time my husband was sent to work in the Central Committee of the UYW. While I was still pregnant, I had to choose whether to go to Sofia with him and continue my studies, which I had interrupted, or to continue working in Vidin. I decided that it would be better if I continued my studies and went back to Sofia. There I was allowed to start from the second year, although I had taken no exams from the first year and it was extremely hard for me, because I had to study for all exams from both years. But I managed to do it. My son's name was put down as Mois. He is named after his grandfather, my father-in-law Mois Kohenov. We left the child to my parents to look after him and visited him during the vacations. I insisted that my child was circumcised on healthy, not religious reasons. At that time, however, there were no surgeons performing this procedure and it had to be done by the Vidin chazzan. My father-in-law Dr. Kohenov stood by him the whole time.