Lev Rubenstein, Boris Rubenstein's father

My father, Lev (Leiba) Rubinstein, was born in the town of Golovchin in Belarus. I beleive he finished Cheder there, because as a thirteen-year old boy Daddy and his cousin Misha set off to study in Vilna in a yeshiva. He completed educational institution. He was an expert in history, literature, and spoke four languages - Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian and German. Later, in the Soviet times (in 1920-1921) Father wanted to enter a higher educational institution of humanitarian profile, that corresponded to his talents. But, as Father was a businessman, he fell under the category of so-called 'lishentsy', i.e. people who were deprived of many civil rights. So he was not permitted to submit papers to a humanitarian institute, and had nothing left to do but enter the Agricultural Institute in Kiev.