Boris Rubenstein in Israel

This is photo of me with niece Svetlana. Svetlana is daughter of my cousin Matilda. In 1999, the year of my 70th birthday, I received a great gift - I was invited by my nephew, who had been living in Israel for 20 years, to visit the country. I spent 20 days there. My relatives arranged long trips and very interesting excursions for me all over the country. During those 20 days I was moving all the time. I traveled from North to South and from West to East. I saw many interesting things, familiarized myself with the country and became inspired by the numerous accomplishments they managed to achieve in developing their country in such a short time. I was impressed by so many things there. I managed to pay visits to all my relatives in Israel, my cousins, many of my former institute friends who live there now. This trip gave me a burst of inspiration, strengthened my identity as a Jew.