Identity card of Lev Rubinstein ( Boris Rubenstein's father)

This is ID card of my father in 1916. My father, Lev (Leiba) Rubinstein, was born in the town of Golovchin in Belarus. I believe he finished Cheder there, because as a thirteen-year old boy Daddy and his cousin Misha set off to study in Vilna in Yeshiva. He studied very successfully and completed this educational institution. May be he studied later in a grammar school, I do not know. I know that Father was a highly educated man. He was an expert in history, literature, and spoke four languages - Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian and German. When my father was called up to fight in 1942, I remember that I hung on him constantly during the two days before he left. Only later did I learn where he fought: Stalingrad. He never came home.